Low Libido: Causes and Coping Strategies

Low libido generally refers to a lower level of sexual interest or desire compared to one's partner or what is considered "normal." It can have psychological or physiological causes. Some potential reasons for low libido include:

  • Hormonal changes or imbalances, such as testosterone deficiency, menopause, postpartum changes, etc.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Stress and fatigue from work, children, life difficulties
  • Relationship problems or lack of emotional intimacy
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Negative body image or low self-esteem

There are various ways low desire may be addressed, depending on the cause, such as lifestyle changes, counseling, medication changes, hormone therapy, improving intimacy and communication with one's partner, and sometimes just giving it time.

The most important thing is open and judgment-free communication with one's partner and potentially one's doctor as well. There are many healthy ways couples can maintain physical intimacy even when sex drive is mismatched. Most importantly, those struggling with low libido should know they are not alone. Many face similar issues at some point in life. Professional help and patience is key.

If you suspect a hormonal imbalance may be contributing to low libido, consider scheduling an appointment at Vitality Medical Clinic for an evaluation and potential treatment options.

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