Overview of Weight Loss Treatments

Losing weight and keeping it off is a struggle for many people. Fortunately, weight loss clinics can provide safe, effective treatments to help patients achieve long-lasting results. At Vitality Medical Clinic, our weight loss clinic offers a comprehensive, personalized approach to sustainable weight management.

Our clinic helps patients lose weight and improve health through:

  • Prescription medications and injections
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavior modification
  • Fitness coaching
  • Ongoing support

With treatment customized to each person's needs, we empower patients to transform their lifestyle and relationship with food and exercise. Our physicians and staff guide patients step-by-step through safe, sustainable weight loss tailored to their body and health status.

Assessing Candidacy for Weight Loss Therapy

Not everyone is a candidate for prescription weight loss treatments. Our clinic carefully screens patients to determine if they meet the medical requirements.

To qualify, patients typically:

  • Have a BMI over 30 (or over 27 with obesity-related health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure)
  • Have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone
  • Do NOT have uncontrolled medical issues that could be worsened by weight loss medication

Our clinic conducts a full health assessment, including:

  • Medical history review
  • Physical exam
  • Lab tests to check thyroid, liver, kidney function, etc.

This ensures patients can safely use weight loss medications for optimal results. We also require patients to make lifestyle modifications for long-term success.

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Choosing the Right Weight Loss Medication

Vitality Medical Clinic offers all FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications:

Medication How It Works Average Weight Loss
Phentermine Suppresses appetite 5-10% in 3-6 months
Orlistat Blocks fat absorption 3-5% in 6-12 months
Saxenda Makes you feel fuller sooner 5-10% in a year
Qsymia Reduces hunger and makes you feel full 8-10% in a year
Wegovy Mimics hormone that suppresses appetite 15-20% in a year

Our physicians carefully evaluate each patient's health profile, weight loss goals, and prior treatments to determine the most appropriate medication(s).

Many patients find the best success combining medications with nutritional counseling and fitness coaching. This enables both pharmaceutical and lifestyle interventions to work synergistically for optimal, long-lasting weight loss.

Proper Dosing for Safe, Effective Weight Loss

All prescription weight loss drugs must be used properly under medical supervision to ensure safety and efficacy.

Our clinic provides careful dosing and monitoring, including:

  • Starting patients on the lowest effective dose
  • Slowly titrating up based on tolerance and weight loss response
  • Regularly assessing weight, side effects, health metrics
  • Adjusting doses or switching medications as needed

This methodical approach minimizes side effects so patients can adhere to treatment for ongoing weight loss. It also yields better health outcomes long-term compared to short-term aggressive dosing.

At Vitality Medical Clinic, your health is our top priority. Our physicians will not push aggressive dosing simply to increase weight loss speed. We optimize medications for safe, sustainable results.

Lifestyle Changes Are Vital for Long-Term Success

Prescription medications can effectively initiate and accelerate weight loss. However, incorporating healthy lifestyle changes is critical for patients to maintain success long-term.

Our clinic's behavioral coaches provide strategies to overhaul eating habits, including:

  • Meal planning and prep
  • Portion control
  • Mindful eating habits
  • Healthier substitutions

We also offer customized fitness training to increase activity levels. This combination empowers our patients to make manageable, sustainable improvements that support ongoing weight loss.

Small daily changes make a big difference over time! We provide the accountability and expert guidance needed to solidify new healthy habits.

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Vitality Medical Clinic Offers Ongoing Medical Support

The journey doesn't end once patients reach their weight loss goal. Maintenance is just as critical to prevent weight regain over months and years.

To help patients preserve their hard-earned success, Vitality Medical Clinic provides:

Continued Medication Management

  • Adjust dosing or switch to longer-term maintenance drugs
  • Track changes in health metrics
  • Evaluate need for continued pharmaceutical aid

Accountability for Lifestyle Habits

  • Regular check-ins on diet, activity, stress, etc.
  • Help addressing triggers for weight regain
  • Added support during high-risk periods

Access to Our Entire Clinical Team

  • Same-day appointments if urgently needed
  • Questions answered rapidly
  • Guidance during weight plateaus

We make sure patients have ongoing support to catch small setbacks before significant weight is regained. Sustaining success is a lifelong effort, but our team makes it possible!

Vitality Medical Clinic Has Unparalleled Expertise in Weight Management

Losing weight takes clinical experience and expertise - not merely good intentions. At Vitality Medical Clinic, our physicians stay at the cutting edge of obesity medicine and apply proven protocols refined over decades treating thousands of patients.

What sets Vitality Medical Clinic apart includes:

  • Board-certified physicians specializing exclusively in weight management
  • Comprehensive training in nutrition, psychology, fitness, and pharmacology
  • Constantly incorporating new evidence-based techniques
  • Decades of experience safely treating obesity
  • Access to new medications and research trials
  • Data-driven approach tracking patient outcomes

Our clinical expertise in sustainable weight loss yields better patient adherence, fewer complications, and less weight cycling compared to conventional primary care options. We also accept most major insurance plans to make cutting edge treatment accessible.

Vitality Medical Clinic offers unrivaled medical expertise, decades of experience, multidisciplinary care, and ongoing support for successful, long-lasting weight loss.

Vitality Medical Clinic Has Treated Thousands of Patients

Don't just take our word on it! Vitality Medical Clinic has an outstanding track record helping thousands transform their health.

For example, Sarah:

  1. Struggled with severe obesity for years
  2. Tried numerous diets without long-term success
  3. Began treatment at Vitality Medical Clinic 2 years ago
  4. Lost 125 lbs on integrated, customized therapy
  5. Kept weight off ever since and feels "a new sense of freedom"

Every patient's experience is unique. But Sarah's inspiring weight loss success is just one of countless examples over decades that demonstrate the expertise and efficacy of Vitality Medical Clinic's clinical team.

We welcome you to join the thousands who have achieved life-changing results under our compassionate, dedicated care!

Getting Started with Vitality Medical Clinic

Interested to learn if our weight loss clinic's treatments may be right for you? Reach out for a free consultation to discuss your health history and goals.

We will determine if you meet requirements and which interventions might get you long-awaited success. Then we can initiate the full enrollment process including:

  • Scheduling your initial 2 hr health assessment
  • Establishing care coordination with any current providers
  • Getting required pre-approvals from your insurance
  • Outlining the treatment timeline and milestones

Don't struggle alone - the comprehensive resources and expertise of Vitality Medical Clinic's weight loss clinic can help you finally win your battle with obesity. We empower patients daily and we want you to become the next success story!

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from medications?

Most patients lose 5-15% of body weight over 6-12 months. Results vary based on the drug, dose, and your efforts with lifestyle changes.

How fast will I lose weight?

1-2 lbs per week is the typical recommendation for safe weight loss. More rapid loss may happen initially but slows as you near your goal.

Do you prescribe controlled substances?

Yes, medications like phentermine when clinically appropriate. Our physicians follow strict protocols to ensure responsible prescribing.

What side effects could I experience?

Gastrointestinal effects like nausea are most common. Side effects are usually temporary or managed by changing medication or dosage.

Can I quit treatment once I've met my goal?

You may stay on some medications short-term for maintenance. But maintaining healthy habits is critical to preserve weight loss without needing long-term pharmaceuticals. We provide ongoing lifestyle support. Reach out today to learn more and take the first step towards success!


At Vitality Medical Clinic, we understand the challenges of weight loss and the importance of a comprehensive, personalized approach. Our experienced team of physicians, nutritionists, and fitness coaches work together to create a customized treatment plan for each patient, combining prescription medications, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing support. With our unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge treatments, and commitment to sustainable results, we empower patients to achieve meaningful and lasting weight loss success.

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